Design Job: UI/UX Designer at Medialoot

Looking for a web design job in the Philadelphia area? Medialoot, which develops tools (vectors, icons, textures, etc.) for creative professionals, is looking for a leading-edge user interaction/user experience designer to join its team in Philly. Click through to learn more and apply:

You’ll need to be a leading-edge designer, have an awesome feel for the design community, and be able to brainstorm and think ahead about new and useful resources to create and write about. It’s a fun, flexible, difficult, and 100% unique position that you won’t find anywhere else.

Necessary Talents:

  • Incredible design skill. You should be the type of person who accidentally tries to adjust the drop-shadow around a real-life picture frame.
  • Excellent grammar and writing ability. This position will involve a lot of writing as well as design.
  • Social butterfly-ism. If you think tweeting is only for birds, this might not be the right position for you.

If you get this position, you will:

  • Design, redesign, and update our website
  • Write articles, blog posts, and other copywriting materials
  • Maintain our social media accounts and provide a personality for our company
  • Occasionally design graphic resources to sell on

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