Design Job: User Experience Designer at Goodreads

Looking for a web design job in California? Goodreads, the social platform for sharing book recommendations, is looking for a User Experience Designer in its San Francisco office. Click through to learn more and apply:

Goodreads is growing fast, and we’re building new products and features every day that affect millions of people. You’ll be responsible for translating product requirements into clean user experience designs and front-end specifications. Design is about solving problems, so creativity and strong communication and collaboration skills are a must. A passion for reading and an entrepreneurial spirit are a big plus.


  • Work with product managers, engineers and other designers to set requirements for the Goodreads user experience
  • Develop conceptual diagrams, wireframes, mockups, and front-end specifications
  • Develop and maintain design pattern libraries and style guides
  • Visualize design problems and data sets in ways that are easy for other team members to comprehend
  • Evangelize for usability, design and innovation within the organization
  • Stay current on emerging technologies and identify opportunities to incorporate best current thinking into product designs

Required Skills

  • Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills
  • BA or advanced design degree and demonstrated experience in user experience design or visual design
  • A solid understanding of the design process
  • Strong HTML, JavaScript and CSS skills
  • Familiarity with software development process and lifecycles

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