Design Job: Web Developer at Dynamix

Looking for a web design job in the Atlanta metro area? Dynamix Web Design, based in Kennesaw, GA, is hiring a front-end web developer to bring client projects to life. Click through to learn more and apply:

Job Duties and Description:
We’re looking for a terrific front end developer who can take our completed, client-approved designs and code them using the highest quality, standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3. You’ll be working with our proprietary CMS, which is designed to be both robust and friendly to interact with. Extensive jQuery and javascript skills are a must, as is great working knowledge of CSS3 transforms, animations and leading-edge techniques. You will also have to be extremely comfortable with responsive design work, from mobile through to tablets, desktop and even retina/high res displays and the nuances required for each format.

The devil is in the details, and that’s where you’ll need to shine in order to be a great fit. That means you need to not only be highly proficient, but also have great attention to detail in ensuring that your code is as close to perfect as it can be the first time around. Everyone makes mistakes, but we need someone who is able to check their own work and doesn’t cut corners. You’ll be working with our lead designers to ensure that sites are developed with a consistent DOM structure and format.

Aside from the noted skill set requirements above, we need someone who is passionate about learning new things and doesn’t mind throwing out what they used to know on a regular basis. We move fast, and always push to be on the bleeding edge of what technology allows, while ensuring graceful degradation in older browsers (cough, IE). If you like coasting through the day on rehashed code, you won’t like it here.

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