Design Job: Web/UX Designer at Birchbox

Looking for a New York City design job? Groundbreaking beauty ecommerce site Birchbox is looking for a web designer/user experience designer to work on usability and design of its platform. Click through to learn more and apply:

The ideal candidate is fluent in current UX best practices and knows how to push the boundaries and create fresh designs. You notice every tiny detail without losing the big picture and are constantly critiquing and analyzing every web experience. You are skilled with breaking apart problems into manageable parts and tackling each component with fervor and confidence. You are well-versed in our industry and product and know exactly how you’d like to make it better. Your design chops must be outstanding and you must care about every button gradient and every pixel of padding.

We work as a tight cross-disciplinary team so you need to feel comfortable working closely with Engineering, Marketing, and all Product team members.

Key responsibilities

  • Create the right documentation for the task at hand, ranging from a sketch on a piece of paper or a whiteboard brainstorming session
  • Design for ecommerce and subscription experiences from start to finish including sign-up flows, browseable shop pages, and immersive content environments
  • Be able to juggle high level redesigns and low level daily needs and easily pivot between the two
  • Help establish and reinforce consistent design patterns across platforms
  • Work closely with our creative director and product team to define the best way to approach a problem
  • Know how to ask the right questions and how to come up with answers

Skill Requirements

  • 4+ years designing across multiple platforms
  • A portfolio that includes self-started personal projects for which you had total creative control. Something where you were able to realize your vision, whether it’s an app, website or blog
  • A genuine understanding of the ecommerce space
  • Ability to understand and design for a variety of different kinds of users
  • Familiarity with progressive enhancement, responsive layouts, and building proper grid systems
  • Experience building for mobile: understanding platform limitations, optimizing for webkit mobile, performance tuning
  • Functional understanding of the technology that makes what we do possible
  • Passion and ideas about the future of Birchbox
Why Birchbox
  • You’ll work in an environment of complete transparency. Our founders don’t have big fancy corner offices – they sit right next to our employees and everyone knows where the company is headed
  • You’ll find an agile setting with very low barriers to getting things done
  • It’s a chance to be at the start of something huge. We’ve only made a small dent in what we plan to do and we continue to grow rapidly. We are pursuing big dreams and we’ll give you the chance to explore yours too
  • You can dive into our crazy supply of products – test them sometimes before they even hit the shelves (there’s plenty for men too!)
  • Excellent snacks and Stumptown coffee
  • We’re all about having fun. We are an energetic, innovative team that laughs a lot
  • You get to own a piece of the company and work with the pride of ownership.

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