Deal of the Week: The Design of Dissent & Print RDA 2011

In this very special DesignCast, two of the most successful, respected, and outspoken designers in the industry (and co-authors of the book The Design of Dissent), Mirko Ilic and Milton Glaser, take a look at graphic work over the decades that designers have created as a result of social and political unrest. They also present their own work and discuss how the designer’s role as activist and responsible citizen is more important now than ever. The session will be live Tuesday, Jan. 31, at 3 p.m. EST (noon PST). 

When you sign up for The Design of Dissent live DesignCast and order Print’s 2011 Regional Design Annual (in print format or digital format) together, you’ll save $25. Since the DesignCast is also $10 off for early birds, it’s like getting the 2011 RDA for free. Check it out now — the offer’s only good through Sunday.