Design Trends: Retro Design + Ultra Zoom

Many moons ago I started Design Meltdown, and two of my first topics were Retro Design and something I called Ultra Zoom. The former is relatively self explanatory, but the latter requires a bit of a description. Ultra Zoom-style sites have a canvas that extends beyond the edge of the browser’s viewport. Users navigate the site by interacting with the content in some way. Instead of being taken to a new page, the screen scrolls to show the content.


Don’t confuse this with single-page designs where all of the content is in a vertical stack. In the case above, the content is in a giant grid. So I was excited to see a combination I don’t recall seeing before: ultra zoom with a retro-style skin. Though the interface is not as intuitive as I would like it to be, the fun theme and engaging images make up for it.

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