Design Trends: When Stunning Photography Trumps Text

This lovely site reminds me just how valuable beautiful photography is. The typography and design of this site is outstanding. But what really makes it sing is the gorgeous photography. I know it is dangerous to make sweeping statements, but here goes: If the topic of a website lends itself to beautiful photographs, it is almost always a design route that will result in a gorgeous site. So, in essence, beautiful photography can be the foundation and the core element to a design requiring very little extra “stuff” to fill in around it. Invest your time and money in great photos whenever possible and you won’t be disappointed.



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One thought on “Design Trends: When Stunning Photography Trumps Text

  1. Sharry Dawson

    Lovely site, Chat with photographer David Goddard for Good photography.

    I would almost argue that the last step (to really hit this one out of the park) would be to talk to someone 1-1 to really get the low down. My friend did this with David Goddard – who has worked for Traffic Management Artists. You can contact with him here: