Design Tutorial: How to Create Great Infographics

creating great infographics design tutorial live webcastInfographics have become the de facto way to communicate sets of data in a visually compelling way. They’re all over the web, and you’ve likely seen good ones, great ones, and terrible ones. Information design can be a tricky thing to master, so HOW is bringing in a couple of award-winning designers from Pittsburgh innovation studio Deeplocal to break it down for you in Creating Great Infographics.

In this live design tutorial on June 20, Nathan Martin and Colin Miller will talk about how to approach information design, how to take your clients through the process, and what works. You’ll learn what kinds of information makes sense to visualize, how to develop a system for communicating the message, and how to make aesthetic decisions about iconography to set the right tone. Join them at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT) on Wednesday, June 20!

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