How to Design for SEO by @DesignerDepot

how to design websites for seo

Webdesigner Depot just posted this guide to designing for SEO that has some great tips. Some of the most important (especially for new web designers):

  • Don’t make a splash page. This isn’t 1998—visitors shouldn’t have to sit through two minutes of Flash just to have to click “enter here” to get to the homepage.
  • Name image files so humans can understand them. Naming an image with relevant keywords like [businessname]-main-office.jpg instead of IMG2591.jpg helps a lot when it comes to searchability.
  • Design for text. Don’t you dare hide important info and words within images! Search engines can’t crawl them for keywords. Any text you have on a website should be rendered as text. 

The HOW Interactive Design Conference talked quite a bit about why web designers need to care about content and SEO. Check out these previews at Design TV: