Digital Media + Politics: Exploring Adolfo Carrión’s Winning Website Design

Design that Matters

Most political campaign literature is written and designed for the quick glance (at best), while walking from the mailbox to the trashcan. Politicians and campaign teams recognize the power of language—and attention is paid to choosing the right messaging to promote a candidate or issue. So while words of course matter, many campaigns also know it’s the design of the campaign literature that will either engage a curious eye or cause its quick disposal.

As web platforms become increasingly more crucial to political campaigns, the importance of compelling design has only become more essential in the digital space—because there’s no guarantee of time spent in hand when you’re online. A simple click of the mouse can take a voter away from a website, never to return again. So effective digital design must immediately draw viewers in—and keep them engaged.

Enter New York City Mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrión. He may be a known as an “underdog” in the race, but Carrión’s digital presence far outshines his competition.



A Unique Digital Platform

Carrión knew a strong digital platform was the way to reach the young and/or first-time voters. To develop his digital presence, Carrión engaged Laundry Service, a NYC social media agency that maintains clients’ online presence around the clock and across all media platforms. Together, Carrión and Laundry Service abandoned the stock political web format used by his competitors and created something fresh, sharp, innovative and engaging.

Having the only unique digital platform out of the five mayoral candidates certainly gives him an edge; the quality of a digital campaign can add to or detract from much of a candidate’s credibility, particularly with Carrión’s target demographic.

“The website is a campaign’s face to the world—especially for younger voters who are waiting to be engaged in the process,” says Carrión. “Our website allows New Yorkers to get information about Adolfo Carrión, and get involved in a way that gives them a sense of ownership and connection to the campaign.”

A “Refreshing” Web Design

Unlike the more typical and dated design used by some of his opponents, Carrión’s campaign website encourages easy navigation and exploration through the use of trendy web design tools such as parallax. Dynamic, interactive features—text and images—create movement and energy as the user scrolls through the page.

So why does Carrión invest in an online presence? “He has an immense appreciation for technology, innovation and social media,” says Alyson Warshaw, Creative Director of Laundry Service, of Carrión. “That’s why he came to us, and why his website has a much more modern UI and UX than the sea of candidates. From logo development to social media programs, we’ve managed to maintain the thematic messaging and personality of Adolfo’s campaign… refreshing.”

Carrión’s site design is strategic. All of the necessary nuts and bolts are available, and the clean design invites the user in to actually take a look and spend some time.

Carrión knew his online presence needed to encourage a connection beyond the bounds of his site—in both the digital and analog world. Users are easily and seamlessly connected to Carrión’s social media sites, and given the opportunities to contact, volunteer, and donate—the campaign staples that aren’t going away any time soon.


Innovative. Carrión’s site leverages responsive web design to enhance accessibility and ensure a positive viewing experience across devices.

Adolfo Carrion iPhone

Leveraging Digital Media

Speaking of leveraging digital media, President Obama’s strong digital presence has been prioritized in his campaigns. Mayoral candidate Carrión has been wise to take note and learn from these successes.

“It’s surprising that the other [mayoral] candidates have not invested more of their substantial budgets into improving their digital and social platforms. Everyone saw how well Obama used data and social [media efforts] to connect with people, especially those that may not have voted otherwise. But it seems Adolfo and his team are the only ones who’ve acted on it so far,” says Jason Stein, Founder and President of Laundry Service.

Carrión’s path to the mayoral seat certainly isn’t an easy one. But his investment in a well-developed digital presence shows voters that he is up for the fight. His website is surely a winner—a design that I can believe in.

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