.net Interviews Ethan Marcotte, the Father of Responsive Web Design

responsive web design book by ethan marcotteEthan Marcotte, who’s considered the father of responsive web design and wrote the book on it, was recently interviewed by .net magazine, which just posted the piece online. Here’s a snippet of his response about what some of his current favorite sites are:

The fine folks at Paravel have gotten responsive fever, and in a good way. Trent Walton’s art-directed blog showcases some beautiful thinking on his part, but Paravel’s client work has been tending toward the responsive as well: check out thedolectures.co.uk or the ATX Web Show.

A bevy of designers have made their sites beautifully responsive: Jon Hicks was one of the first, and Dan CederholmStephen CaverMark Boulton, and Meagan Fisher soon followed.

The painfully smart people at yiibu.com have neatly married their responsive design to the ‘mobile first’ philosophy.

Read the whole interview here.