Forecast Font: Forecasting the Future of Multi-Layered Web Font Icons

Typically, I feature a site of the day for aesthetic reasons – and to be clear, this site is indeed beautiful – but today’s site is more about what it represents. Font-based icons have been on the up-and-up for the last year or so, but one key limitation has caused some designers frustration: they can only take on a single color.

Forecast Font Website

It was just a matter of time before someone developed a workaround. If you read this landing page for the weather icon font you will see they are combining multiple glyphs in different colors to create a single icon with different colors. Yeah, it is a bit of work, but the reality is that it works really well. And in this case the resulting icons are really gorgeous. Not to mention that by doing this they vastly reduce the quantity of icons they have to produce. Imagine creating an icon for every possible combination of weather. Instead, you can merge them as needed for a massive range of options! Here’s a look at what we will most likely see more of in the near future.

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