Free PSD Download: Style Tiles

“When a moodboard is too vague and a comp is too literal,” it’s Style Tiles to the rescue! This downloadable Photoshop file (created by Samantha Warren) is awesome enough, but the site also includes a guide of how to use style tiles. It’s just plain good advice for dealing with any design clients.

style tiles download, style tiles web design

Here’s what the template looks like when you’ve got it downloaded and unzipped:

style tiles download template

It’s an editable Photoshop document, so you can go wild with it, like this:

style tile example


One thought on “Free PSD Download: Style Tiles

  1. cvplato

    Thank-you Thank-you & Thank-you!

    This style tile has made a huge difference in the way I present website concepts to clients. It holds just enough information to drive the concept home but not so much that 3 days later you’re still working on it, trying to finish what seems like an almost complete website!

    Is it safe to say this could be the perfect middle ground 🙂