Imagining A Post-screen Future

Must read: Christopher Butler‘s Interaction column in Print’s February 2012 issue. It’s kinda heavy, so stop looking at Tumblr and refreshing Facebook for 10 minutes and dig in:

Touching a glass screen is hardly a rich tactile experience, but that is almost beside the point. What we are doing when we interact with touch screens is primarily a visual experience. Yes, we’re touching everything—but without seeing the information we “touch,” our fingers are virtually useless. Unless we engage our other senses, we will leave many—those visually or tactilely impaired—behind and become “people of the screen,” as Kevin Kelly recently described it at the Books in Browsers Conference. We must resist the cultural entropy that associates interaction solely with screens. 

Read the whole thing here. You can get Print’s February 2012 issue in print or in digital format here.


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