Graceful Degradation on a Newton PDA

Turns out, Apple’s HTML5 web standards page has extreme accessibility. Grant Hutchinson tested it out on his Newton MessagePad 2100, a personal digital relic from 1998.

This series of screenshots shows Apple’s questionably named HTML5 and web standards showcase pages displayed on a Newton MessagePad 2100.

The Newton was running Eckhart Köppen’s lightweight, text-only Courier web browser, as well as Steve Weyer’s more capable Newt’s Cape browser.

Keep in mind that both browsers were developed prior to the existence of HTML5. While neither piece of software supports the advanced interaction or layout effects afforded by JavaScript and CSS3, the clean HTML5 markup is completely accessible.

It’s a hilarious reminder to consider your audience members using older (or ancient) browsers. See the whole gallery of Newton screenshots on Flickr. He also tested the flashy new Boston Globe website, which holds up very well, too.