HOW Interactive Design Awards: 2 Weeks to Go!

The countdown to the entry deadline for this year’s HOW Interactive Design Awards stands at T-minus 2 weeks. So there’s still time before November 14 to review your portfolio of web/interactive/mobile design projects (see here for all the entry categories), choose your best work and submit it for our judges’ consideration.

Need some encouragement before you enter? Here’s why you should show us your work:

  • At 14 years and going strong, HOW’s Interactive Design Awards are, if you’ll forgive our immodesty, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the field
  • Clients appreciate the confidence they gain when they’re working with award-winning design professionals
  • As you’re working to develop and perfect your interactive design portfolio, or you’re seeking to advance your design career, a competition win gives you A-One credentials
  • Sure, you can display your work on your own professional website, but gaining exposure for your designs across the entire industry is great for your reputation.

You’re convinced, right? So hop to it! Entry deadline is November 14. Learn more about the competition and enter now.