How to Do 10-Second Webpage Testing

You have about 10 seconds for your website to grab a person’s attention. People who attended the HOW Interactive Design Conference this month know this—Christopher Butler shared some case studies at the conference. You can learn more about his strategy for conducting 10-second website tests over on the Imprint blog. The results can be very revealing:

Here’s the basic process:

  1. Set up a computer with a webcam and screen-capture software.
  2. Choose a single webpage to test and open it in your browser. Expand the browser to fill the screen so there are no distractions for your volunteer.
  3. Instruct your volunteer that they will have 10 seconds to view a webpage. They may scroll the page up and down but may not click any links.
  4. When your volunteer is ready, begin recording.
  5. After ten seconds have passed, instruct your volunteer to stop and minimize the browser window.

While still recording, ask the volunteer the following questions:

  1. Based upon your short scan, what was the page about?
  2. Would you continue reading this page? Why or why not?
  3. What stood out to you most from the page?
  4. What would you search for in order to find this page?

Read more at How Design Helps Users Get to Know Your Content.