2 New HOW U Classes: Coding for Designers

learn  html and css

Our esteemed colleague Patrick McNeil has been hard at work on two new HOW Design University classes to follow up on his super-successful Principles of Web Design and Principles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All of our interactive classes are created for graphic designers new to the web. 

In Coding for Designers: HTML and CSS, you’ll learn how to start writing HTML and CSS and develop a better understanding of these core web languages. We created this class specifically with graphic designers in mind, so you can make the print-to-web transition more easily. Learn some basic combinations of HTML and CSS, and you’ll start building common website layout elements in no time. The first session of this four-week class starts March 19.

learn javascript and jqueryJavaScript is stealthy and powers a lot of the great web functions we rely on today. For four weeks, Coding for Designers: JavaScript and jQuery will immerse you in JavaScript and jQuery, teaching you what they are, how they work and how you can use them. This is not a course for developers: It focuses on code issues that impact designers and how to implement great visuals. The first session of this class starts April 16

Four-week HOW U classes are $199, but Design Insiders always save 20%! There’s no better time to start your web education than right now.