Modern Life is Hard: Kinect-powered Robotic Shopping Cart

Innovation is key to the advancement of society, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a tortured genius like Nikola Tesla. Amazing advances can come from using existing technology: The folks at Chaotic Moons Labs took an Xbox Kinect and paired the movement and voice recognition capabilities with a simple motor and scanner to create the ultimate shopping cart.

Scan your card, and The Smarter Cart follows you, letting you know what you’ve purchased from your pre-loaded shopping list as you place it in the cart. No more having to remembering a pen to check off items from your paper list. (Modern life is hard enough.)

Next step: integrating augmented reality so the cart can tell you where everything is located in the store. The first law of robotics says robot will not harm any human—if only the second law was to cook us dinner…

2 thoughts on “Modern Life is Hard: Kinect-powered Robotic Shopping Cart

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  2. cre8ivetype

    Hey Speider! Great to see that HOW has you on board now!

    Wouldn’t it be great if this little robotic device could clean my house, too … that’s after it put the groceries away from my shopping cart 🙂