Job: Interactive Designers at Microsoft Branded Entertainment

Microsoft Branded Entertainment seeks Interactive Designers in Washington State:

Bring your crystal ball down to Microsoft’s Branded Entertainment team. As an Interactive Wizard on the BEET team you will be responsible for creating ground-breaking experiences that delight and entertain the masses. We are a Microsoft group so our playground is MSN (web), Xbox (NUI and interactive storytelling), mobile, Surface (touch tech), pretty much where we find audience across our digital landscape. Our focus for the coming year… Connected experiences. Connected story telling.

Ideal requirements inlude:

  • Strong design skills and knowledge of all traditional design software (Adobe CS)
  • Is not too good for production work. Even our CD does production work on this team. Many hats are worn… Oh, let’s make that the next one
  • Likes to wear many hats
  • CSS (front-end dev) chops a plus
  • 3D chops a plus (our guys like C4d and 3D max)
  • Has hacked a kinect, created gaming experiences, independent films or is an aspiring photographer

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