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The Benefits of Behance & How to Help People Find Your Work

I’m obsessed with Behance. Seriously. A little while back I had an idea for a HOW article that took an in-depth look into Behance and why so many creatives have joined this social media/portfolio/job listing/career launching platform. It only took about ten minutes of browsing to find way more than I ever imagined. If...


InVision App: The Latest in Collaborative UX Design

There’s a new application taking over collaborative UX design. It has nearly two million users worldwide and already 70% of Fortune 100 companies using it as well. That includes Disney, IBM, Apple and Verizon just to name a few. Their website boasts being “the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform.” It’s called InVision,...


Interactive Design and the Death of Passwords

Can you remember the last time you read about a big company getting hacked? Was it within the past year? Month? Week? Stories like this have, very unfortunately, lost their shock value over the years. A quick—and I mean mega quick—Google search for “list of businesses that have been hacked” gave me more hits...