The Benefits of Behance & How to Help People Find Your Work

I’m obsessed with Behance.

Seriously. A little while back I had an idea for a HOW article that took an in-depth look into Behance and why so many creatives have joined this social media/portfolio/job listing/career launching platform. It only took about ten minutes of browsing to find way more than I ever imagined. If you’re not on Behance yet, stop what you’re doing and go sign up. You won’t regret it.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the dozens of benefits Behance users receive by joining the community.

Behance Mission and Beliefs

Let’s start with why Behance was created in the first place. The about section of their website offers a pretty wide range of reasons:

“In 2006, we set out to put control into the hands of countless creative professionals suffering from inefficiency, disorganization and careers are the mercy of the bureaucracy.”

“We believe the creative world should devote their energy to creating work, not maintaining or promoting it.”

“Our mission: to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.”

“We built a platform to remove the barriers between talent and opportunity.”


Chances are if you’re a designer or anyone who uses a computer for creative purposes, you’ve probably used an Adobe product. One the great things about Adobe is their Creative Cloud, which basically links all of your applications to one main account. Because Behance was created as a unit within Adobe, it has the same convenient functions as most Adobe products.

For starters, you can download the mobile app from the iTunes app store or Google Play. Use “Behance Display” to customize and view your profile even when you don’t have internet access. When you do have internet, Behance can be connected to your Creative Cloud Desktop application. From here you’ll receive real-time feedback from your profile and discover new creative work.

Let’s also not forget the interactive aspects that make Behance fun in the same ways as Facebook and other social platforms. Follow the artists you like for regular updates on their projects, comment to leave feedback, tag users to make connections and “appreciate” the projects you love.

Find That New Job

Every Behance profile comes with a section to input your past work experience. Share as much or as little as you want. If you choose to add past work experience, potential employees can download your profile in resume form while viewing the projects you’ve worked on. Or take matters into your own hands and find your next client by searching the job listing section. Filter your options by location, field and company and apply directly through the Behance platform.

Don’t forget to keep track of how much traffic your profile gets by checking your page statistics. Here you’ll be able to view how others interact with your work. Check out all of your comments and view your project appreciations. Use this data to find the best way to promote yourself.

Get Featured

Behance has a team of curators that are constantly working to promote new talent in their featured galleries. With over 67 million profile views worldwide in the past thirty days, being featured in one of the curated galleries is a pretty big honor. Not to mention a great way to get noticed. In a blog post, the curators recommend the following to make sure your work stands out from the crowd:

  1. Projects should have 6-20 images.
  2. Project images should be large, “ideally around 1400 pixels.”
  3. Don’t add watermarks or other distracting marks.
  4. Completely finished projects have a better chance ending up in a curated gallery than a Work In Progress.
  5. Choose a flattering cover photo for your projects.
  6. Choose the proper Creative Field for a project.
  7. Be specific about your role in the project.
  8. Tag your work and include your team.
  9. List the tools you used to help categorize your work.

In addition to the curators hired by Adobe, some companies and schools have even partnered with Behance to promote their artists and designers, including the Pratt Institute, SCAD, RISD, SVA and many more.

Still Need Convincing?

Here’s just a small taste of the visual inspiration waiting for you on Behance when you log in.

Andrew Herndon; Bordeaux, France

Behance Andrew-Herndon_6Behance Andrew-Herndon_4Andrew-HerndonAndrew-Herndon_2Andrew-Herndon_3Andrew-Herndon_7 Behance Andrew-Herndon_8

Asuka Wantanabe; Tokyo, Japan

Behance Asuka-WantanabeBehance Asuka-Wantanabe_2Behance Asuka-Wantanabe_3Behance Asuka-Wantanabe_4Behance Asuka-Wantanabe_5Behance Asuka-Wantanabe_7Behance Asuka-Wantanabe_8

BMD Design; Bordeaux, FranceBehance BMD-Design BMD-Studio_2 Behance BMD-Studio_15 Behance BMD-Studio_9Behance BMD-Studio_10

Studio-JQ; Bristol, UKBehance Studio-JQ_1 Behance Studio-JQ_3 Behance Studio-JQ_6 Behance Studio-JQ_11 Behance Studio-JQ_12

Kirsten Sims; Cape Town, South Africa

Behance Kirsten-Sims_2 Behance Kirsten-Sims_3 Behance Kirsten-Sims_4 Behance Kirsten-Sims_5 Behance Kirsten-Sims

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