Job: Interactive Web Designer at Dimentians

Dimentians seeks an interactive web designer in Toronto:

Dimentians’ office is a friendly and creative work environment in Toronto. Our staff are the best in their field, enjoy working together, and it shows in our work. As well as serving corporate clients, one of the goals of our company is to make a change for the better in the world. This means that we work on a large number of charitable and non-profit projects. Most of our staff have their own favourite causes, and we work as a team on company time for these as well.

You will work at Dimentians’ office under the supervision of a project manager. You will meet with other team members and our clients to determine the target audiences and design objectives, and incorporate these into creative designs. The start of this process will be creating wireframes of web interfaces, and then moving into the visual graphic design. Collaboration with the creative and development team at each step will be important to ensure the end product is innovative and functional.

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