Internet Explorer Usage Slips + Testing for Browser Compatibility

Don’t tell your parents, but the long-reigning king of browsers, Internet Explorer, is losing its majority hold. The rise of mobile browsing led to IE’s global usage dropping below 50% for the first time.

Webmonkey and Ars Technica report IE’s peak of 95% browser share came in 2004, and it’s been dropping ever since. It still holds 52.63% of desktop browsing, but it has virtually no presence in mobile browsing. In desktop browsing, Firefox use is steady at about 22.51%; Chrome is seeing good growth in light of IE’s fall, rising to 17.62%.

In mobile browsing, Safari Mobile on iOS is the big player, with 62.17%. Safari Mobile, with Opera Mini and Android’s browser, account for nearly 94% of all mobile browsing.

This reminds me of the importance of browser testing: You should be aware of what browsers are most popular with your website’s audience, but don’t forget that there are always going to be people using outdated browsers.

Use these resources to test for browser compatibility: