Jesse Friedman on Working with WordPress

Jesse Friedman built his first website in 1999. Today, he’s a professor at Johnson & Wales University and the lead developer at Neal Advertising, where he builds web environments powered by WordPress. Jesse is passionate about the WordPress community and he’ll help designers become more familiar with the platform in his upcoming Interactive DesignCast Designing for WordPress: What You Need to Know to Create Amazing Websites on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Tell us a little about your Designing for WordPress session.

All too often, I see designers holding back because they frankly don’t know what WordPress can and can’t do. But WordPress has amazing capabilities that many designers just don’t know about yet. WordPress is more than just a blogging CMS—it can do and be whatever you want. Your creativity won’t be limited by WordPress; it’ll be supported by it.

Do you have any pet projects—a side business or a charity to which you donate time or services?

Unfortunately, I do. My niece died about two months ago in a tragic car accident. Since then I along with her parents have created the Elanna L. Zuller Memorial Sports Fund which you can read more about here. She was a beautiful and fun-spirited girl who was a real inspiration.

What else are you working on these days?

I’m currently working on my talk for the Future of Web Design conference this November [which is happening just days after the HOW Interactive Design Conference]. I’ll be speaking on Responsive WordPress Theming. I am also working on a book with a friend about the “fun” interactions between clients and creatives.

As you scan the technology landscape, what are you seeing that really excites or intrigues you?

RESPONSIVE RESPONSIVE RESPONSIVE. Ethan Marcotte may have changed the face of web design. In my opinion, web environments working to create single but adaptable experiences for all users is the way of the future. Which actually leads into my next DesignCast coming later this year, so look for it!

You can save your seat today for Jesse’s Designing for WordPress session on Oct. 19, and be sure to put his Responsive Web Design DesignCast on your calendar for Dec. 14.