Job: Front-end Designer at Wildfire

Wildfire seeks a front-end designer in Redwood City, CA:

We’re looking for a Front-End Designer to create gorgeous designs for custom Facebook campaigns and pages. In this position, you will use your creativity and knowledge of our platform to design beautiful, interactive and social campaigns and pages on Facebook, microsites and mobile channels. You must be a creative problem solver with a deep understanding of the Wildfire products in order to design within the constraints of the Facebook platform. Front-End Designers must have a passion for engaging U/I design and elegant typography and prior experience designing templates or themes for sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Shopify, MailChimp and Blogger. You are expected to have a foundation in layout and typography, with additional knowledge of U/I design best practices. Conceptual thinking and understanding of HTML and CSS (and their limitations) are also a plus. Unfortunately, only US citizens will be considered for this position.

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