Job: Front End Web Developer at Resn

Resn seeks a Front End Web Developer in Wellington, New Zealand:

Resn is on the hunt for a human being who can make the internet look like it’s got magic stardust flying out of it. We need someone so obsessed with front end online experiential beauty that they come off like a creepy interactive satanic child clown.

The Front End Web Developer or ‘Frendwebloper’ works like a well lubricated piston, thrusting in unison with our design, animation and backend teams to deliver the highest quality user experiences humanity has ever seen. You love standards, web standards turn you on, and the absence of such standards is the bread and butter pudding of your nightmares.

As Resn’s own front loader you’ll be responsible for the research, development and production of laser guided chainsaw edge design. Resn has serious firepower developing Flash experiences and is now adding to its bulging sack of tricks by tackling high end lush HTML5 experiences from boutique through to large creative international projects.

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