Job: Interactive Art Director at Second Story

Second Story seeks an Interactive Art Director in Portland, OR:

Second Story seeks a multi-talented Interactive Art Director that bridges interaction, dynamic motion, and graphic design to lead the visual design of diverse interactive media creations. This hybrid hands-on designer has a proven understanding of innovative technologies, non-traditional interfaces, physical spaces, and a portfolio that illustrates an ability to bring visual excellence to generative, responsive, and interactive experiences. … The Interactive Art Director should be:

  • A visual artist whose command of graphic, motion, and physical design establishes the emotional tenor of a project, paints the complexion of its interfaces, and brings clarity to complexity.
  • A passionate storyteller whose command of interactive media elicits strong emotional, intellectual, and inspirational reactions that reward diverse audiences.
  • Comfortable generating design and motion studies that communicate spatial and time-based concepts. An avid user of tools such as After Effects, Processing, or Flash, e.g. to facilitate these studies.

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