Job: Lead Creative at The HOTH Corp.

The HOTH Corp. seeks a Lead Creative for user experience and design in Chicago, or anywhere:

We’re a completely bootstrapped startup that literally started with a youtube video. Thanks to our maniacal commitment to Hitting our customers Over The Head (aka. HOTHing) with an awesome product, we’ve grown to ~1000 high value users over the world and are quickly emerging as an industry leader.

We currently have a 6 person core team in Chicago, a 25 person production team in the Philippines and another 10 person production team here in the states. We’re going to grow a *lot* more in the coming year. 

We’re at the point where sourcing creatives from different places is holding us back. We know that a rockstar designer will allow us to take our HOTH (Hit’em Over The Head) philosophy to the next level.

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