Job: Obscenely Talented Interactive Creative Director at Mortar

Mortar is looking for an Obscenely Talented Interactive Creative Director in San Francisco:

We’re looking for someone who’s really passionate about all the latest trends in digital, social media, and emerging mobile technologies. Someone who’s a thinker—but also a doer. You’ll need plenty of directly related experience including:

  • Broad UX and UI experience—with an online architect’s ability to unify brand, design, and user goals across diverse interactive formats
  • Very high proficiency in Adobe CS3/CS4 suite, Flash, ActionScript, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Proven knowledge and moderate proficiency in development languages and processes. Specifically HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, PHP and JS.
  • CMS experience (including Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine and custom).
  • Some motion design/animation experience (After Effects, etc.)
  • Ability to help build, manage, and inspire a team.

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