Job: UX designer at Foursquare

We’re just checking in—Foursquare seeks a UX designer in New York:

Foursquare is seeking a passionate, curious, creative, and thoughtful user experience designer to join our Product team. We believe we’re fundamentally changing the way people experience the world around them and we want someone who’s dying to play a huge role in designing and defining these new experiences. The perfect candidate is fluent in current UX best practices and knows exactly when to throw them out the window and blaze a new trail. You’re flexible, playful and as confident as you are skeptical. You know how to look at a nasty problem and efficiently unpack it into manageable parts. You’re someone who always notices the tiny details and dies a little bit inside when you see artifacts in the world with thoughtless interaction design. You’re intimately familiar with our industry and our product and you know exactly how you’d like to make it better.

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