Design Job: Junior UX/UI Designer at PDT

Looking for a web design job in the Chicago area? PDT (Product Development Technologies) is hiring a junior-level user experience designer to join its team in Lake Forest, IL. Click through to learn more and apply:

PDT is seeking a freelance or fulltime junior interface/ visual communications designer to join our User Experience Design team in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The ideal candidate will have the ability to apply his/her creative talents to a broad spectrum of work, clients, industries and mediums. Candidate must be well-balanced in creating and communicating solutions that are functional and aesthetically. Candidate must be energetic and able to contribute in team sessions, as well as be proactive when working alone. They must also have the capacity to juggle multiple programs and tasks simultaneously and efficiently.

Job responsibilities:
• Ideate within team brainstorm sessions
• Create a variety of concepts and refinements
• Be articulate while expressing concepts to team members
• Follow project goals and timelines

• Strong Ideation and conceptualization skills
• Strong graphic and typographic design skills
• Attention to detail
• Understanding project goals and team members feedback
• Ability to organize information
• Ability to think about various users, see the world through another’s point of view
• Simulate or program simulators
• Maintain creativity while working under pressure

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