Karen McGrane: Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

The 2015 HOW Interactive Design Conference series is quickly approaching—and none too soon! Tailored to the designer working through complex processes, across platforms, and trying to please both the boss and the client, our three web design conferences are located across the country for maximum accessibility.


This year, for the first time ever, we’ve tailored the content of each conference to address a unique theme that will spell out a narrative of forward-thinking action and innovation for the future of design. Here’s what’s in store:

HIDC San Francisco

September 20 – 22, 2015 • Hyatt Regency San Francisco


Silicon Valley provides the perfect setting for detailed sessions on UX and Interaction Design. You’ll take home a solid foundation in UX principles and Interaction Design, as well as actionable advice you can use to solve design problems as soon as you get back to work.

HIDC Chicago

October 5 – 7 • Hyatt Regency Chicago


What if a design conference was redesigned to go further than discussing theory and instead use real-world solutions to teach you how to navigate your next interactive project? This one is. This fall in Chicago, you’re invited to attend an event made up entirely of expert, accomplished designers presenting case studies of their work. You’ll learn the best practices from the best practitioners as they share impactful stories– on content strategy, workflow, design, and more.

HIDC Boston

November 5 – 7 • Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center


At HIDC Boston we will explore the intersection of design and technology. Meet expert web design practitioners in to get a clear understanding of the most important technology developments impacting interactive design. Also, gain a deeper understanding of how current patterns in visual design intersect with these emerging technologies.

During last year’s conference in Washington, D.C., the brilliant Karen McGrane presented her famed “Content in a Zombie Apocalypse” presentation, a witty and intelligent critique of the state of the web and designing content for the future.


Watch McGrane’s full presentation below:

Content in a Zombie Apocalypse with Karen McGrane

Friends, a zombie apocalypse is upon us: an onslaught of new mobile devices, platforms, and screen sizes, hordes of them descending every day. We’re outmatched. There aren’t enough designers and developers to battle every platform. There aren’t enough editors and writers to populate every screen size. Defeating the zombies will require flexibility and stamina—in our content. We’ll have to separate our content from its form, so it can adapt appropriately to different contexts and constraints. We’ll have to change our production workflow so we’re not just shoveling content from one output to another. And we’ll have to enhance our content management tools and interfaces so they’re ready for the future. Surviving the zombie apocalypse is possible. In this talk Karen will explain how: by developing a content strategy for mobile.