Learn Information Architecture with Brian Miller @bmdg

What is information architecture? Brian Miller, author of Above the Fold, explains it this way: “It’s easy to begin designing from an aesthetic point of view, but what information architecture does is force us to think about and plan for the user.” It’s not just sketching out boxes and containers. Information architecture is the blueprint for a website, and when it’s done well, Miller says, it integrates client objectives, user needs and design aesthetics seamlessly. 

HOW Design University‘s upcoming four-week course with Miller, Principles of Information Architecture, starts April 2. You’ll learn about site map planning, wireframes and information hierarchy—everything that contributes to how intuitive a site is to navigate. You’ll see what works and why—and what to avoid. You’ll walk away with the ability to put yourself in the user’s shoes and think like an information architect.

In the world of design, advances in technology and changing expectations have created a need for ongoing professional development. HOW Design University provides the kind of training you need as a professional designer, on your own time and at your own pace. Register for Principles of Information Architecture, or any of our other upcoming interactive design courses, and you’ll get access to experts and get on track to nurturing new skills and ideas today.

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