Little Printer: A Tiny Personal Publisher by @BERGlondon

The future of the web is here — and it spits out fax paper. This adorable Little Printer by BERG is controlled by your phone to print a personal digest at intervals you specify. The examples of items on Little Printer’s beautiful site include headlines from the Guardian newspaper, daily puzzles, Foursquare updates, friends’ birthdays and to-do lists.

BERG, a London-based design studio, is no stranger to custom publishing: Its Mag+ platform for pushing paper magazines to tablets is a frontrunner in digital publishing. Fast Co. Design got a sneak peek at the project:

Little Printer is the culmination of BERG’s experiments in “incidental media,”term BERG coined with Dentsu to describe ubiquitous-yet-unobtrusive digital content. “Little Printer can bring you paper deliveries, regularly, quietly and happily, without competing for attention with the bright flickering screens in your life,” [CEO Matt] Webb explains.

I think describing the thermal printouts “mini-newspapers” is a disservice. The receipt-size strips fit in your wallet, pocket or notebook. I don’t know about you, but even with most of my life’s work being digital, I still constantly have multiple scraps of paper on my person at any given time. I love the idea of instantly generated to-do lists, maintained on my phone, combined with other daily delights on a tiny strip of paper. Words of the day, perhaps; weather forecasts for multiple locations; curated Twitter highlights. I’d also love to see integration with Square or other payment processing services so in-person transactions can have a physical trail when necessary.

The Little Printer will be available in 2012; you can sign up for their mailing list to be notified of when it’s out. You best believe I’m already signed up.