Wish We Were There: Live-action Video Game in Space

A Brooklyn DIY video game collective is turning the New York Museum of Natural History’s planetarium into an interactive space game Thursday night. As reported by the New York Observer:

The one-night-only debut of Space Cruiser … is described as a “cooperative mission-based game centered around navigating around a fictional universe” that’s designed for up to 200 participants, who together will control a spacecraft, which the planetarium has been re-imagined as. … “A multi-player control deck at the center of the theater will offer a small crew the chance to navigate the spacecraft together, piloting through treacherous asteroid belts. The crew is an unassigned, free-form team that works together to pilot the spaceship, with various parts of the ship spread out over the theater while being guided by a on-board computer system that is voiced by Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields.”

What the what! I hope someone posts lots of pictures of this after it happens. Tickets are $75