Look at Your Designs with Fresh Eyes with Spur

Need a quick critique of a site design but your coworkers have all peaced out? Try Spur—this fun little app from Zurb takes a screenshot of your site (or you can upload an image), and then you can use its tools to get some constructive criticism:

  • Grayscale: Taking the color out of a design helps you see where your users’ eyes will gravitate to on a page.
  • Intersections: Use the intersections tool to take a look at where the major lines of the page force the eye to focus.
  • Contrast: Turning up the contrast on a page increases makes heavy areas stand out more than lighter areas, does the design still hold together?
  • Blur: Use the blur tool to make sure that you have solid hierarchy and weight. If someone can only glance at your page for a few seconds, this will help ensure that they get something valuable.
  • Mirror: Mirroring a design can point out areas of misalignment and hierarchy.
  • Rotate: The rotate tool is great for making it easier to see page weight and balance of elements.
  • Zoom: Use the zoom tool to look at your site as a smaller thumbnail. Does the layout hold up? The best websites still get the story across at a small size.

Try it out on your own site here.