Kredo: A Retina-Quality Portfolio App

As HOW’s online editor, I’m heavily invested in the latest developments in the design world—and, of course, great portfolio design. So imagine my excitement when I first heard about the new Kredo app, known widely as “the world’s first retina-quality portfolio network.”

Designed for the iPad by co-founders Tyler Rooney and Lukas Dryja, the portfolio app features a nicely usable, clean interface with some excellent sharing and networking functions. A great tool for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and art directors, the in-app Discover Network includes a sophisticated search function for finding talent and inspiration.

Kredo_iPad_DiscoverNetworkImages courtesy of Kredo

Kredo uniquely serves dual purposes,” Dryja said. “It integrates a portfolio presentation toolset and global creative network into one iPad app, tying offline and online presentation together. You can easily create, edit and present a custom portfolio and then publish that same portfolio with a single tap to promote yourself internationally.”


The feature that impressed me most, though, was the retina quality, which allows viewers to zoom in on the tiniest details. It really enhances the presentation of rich, “pixel perfect” images.

And you won’t just find designers using Kredo, either. It’s great for illustrators, photographers and any visual artists looking to showcase their work quickly and easily.

Keen to learn about the app’s design process, we reached out to Dryja for some insight:

As with the any venture into unknown territory, the process was both exciting and challenging. Here are two key challenges we overcame:

1. We wanted the product to be used and respected by creative professionals, so it was essential that we built a solution of professional quality. From the branding to the user experience, the design had to be both unique and widely loved. In an effort to serve these competing needs, we continually questioned ourselves – How can we make this easier to use? How can we simplify this design? – and actively gathered feedback from working professionals. Luckily, that focus on design and development has paid off. In just two weeks, over 30,000 images have been uploaded to Kredo.

2. In order to enable quick and easy portfolio sharing, we needed to build a custom cloud service specifically for Kredo. It had to support high resolution files, sync at high speeds around the globe and function without any issues. For example, if a WiFi connection is lost mid-upload, a portfolio might be partially uploaded, so we had to build an automatic detection feature into the system to catch this. The cloud now syncs the remaining files correctly once the connection is resumed, avoiding image krerrors and ultimately, user frustration. In order to provide a completely reliable tool to creatives, we built a solution for each and every edge case like this, and are continuing to evaluate and improve the product.

It took months to build but our custom cloud service is what enables Kredo users to walk out of a meeting and very quickly send the portfolio they just presented to all in attendance, directly from the app.

I was also excited to see that a number of excellent designers have already adopted the Kredo app as their design portfolio platform of choice. Check out highlights from their Kredo portfolios:

Mark Buchner


Oliver Goddard


Stephen Chan


Hudson Christie


Paul Garland


Andrea Tsurumi


Ennis Chung


Philip Nicholson


Vin Ganapathy


If you’re looking for a solid, high-quality platform for your online portfolio, check out Kredo in the app store. The free version of the app allows your to create five portfolios with 20 images each, while paid pro accounts allow unlimited portfolios with 100 images each.