Must-read: Design is Not All About You by @chrbutler

designer egos client relationshipsYour ego is a bad designer. That’s the point of a recent post about designer-client interactions by Chris Butler, a HOW Interactive Design Conference advisory board member and a frequent contributor to HOW and Print. It boils down to a few big points, which might hurt at first:

  1. Your ego is a bad designer.
  2. Your design needs to serve the client, first and foremost.
  3. Good design is rarely recognized.

I feel like the discussion should be prefaced with Chris’s closing:

I realize this is written from a strongly pro-client point of view and that yes, sometimes clients can be flat-out wrong or even “bad” for your business. But in a world where Clients from Hell exists and it’s opposite is DOA, I think this perspective is a healthy and needed balance to our natural preference toward the other.

The comments are very lively—hop on over to read the whole piece.