Obama and Romney to Use Custom @Square Donation Apps

The tiny but mighty Square has been making waves in the small business community since 2010. Anyone can accept credit card payments by plugging in the tiny Square device to their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, downloading the free Square app and creating an account. (I’ve been using it to accept credit card payments at craft shows for more than a year and wouldn’t know what I’d do without it!)

As we’re heading into this year’s presidential election, Square has created custom apps for the Obama and Romney campaigns so volunteers can easily collect donations. The New York Times Bits blog reports that currently only Obama campaign staff will be using the custom Square app, but they hope to make the app available to the public in the future.

Square, co-founded by Jack Dorsey, who also invented a little thing called Twitter, had this to say: 

“Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, running for president or local assembly, Square makes it easier than ever for candidates, organizations and volunteers to fundraise for their cause.”

I’m very curious to see how these work in the fields and if it makes a big impact on fundraising. Screenshots below: