Organizing Mobile: What Do Users Need?

A Venn diagram by xkcd comparing what people want on a university website versus what they find.

Must-read article of the day: A List Apart’s Organizing Mobile, an excerpt from Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski. Here’s a taste:

In his book Tapworthy, author Josh Clark focused on three critical mobile behaviors: micro-tasking, “I’m local,” and “I’m bored.” These align pretty well with Google’s breakdown of mobile users into three behavioral groups: urgent now, repetitive now, and bored now. Regardless of how you chose to label these behaviors, mobile usage generally consists of a couple of interaction types:

  • Lookup/Find (urgent info, local): I need an answer to something now—frequently related to my current location in the world.
  • Explore/Play (bored, local): I have some time to kill and just want a few idle time distractions.
  • Check In/Status (repeat/micro-tasking): Something important to me keeps changing or updating and I want to stay on top of it.
  • Edit/Create (urgent change/micro-tasking): I need to get something done now that can’t wait.

Read the whole piece over at A List Apart.