Patrick McNeil on HIDC: A Fresh Look at UX Design


15529CITIESA lot has been asked of designers over the last 10 to 15 years. As interactive design has slowly dominated the design landscape designers have had to retool. We have been asked to embrace technology, to learn to code and fundamentally change the way we think about design. This shift was most vividly identified in what we called the print-to-web transition. In many ways the industry sees the transition as complete, and yet so many designers have been left feeling left behind and uncertain of how to move forward.

This is why I am so excited to be a part of the HOW Interactive Design Conferences this year. We have specifically tailored the events to continue to guide designers into this new era of interactive design. In San FranciscoSeptember 20–22 —the event is focused on User Experience Design. This field is rooted in work that has been around for decades. However, over the last 10 years this type of work has found its way into the heart of web. Web sites, application and online business are being built on research based design approaches and for many traditional designers this is a new way of thinking. Again the line up here has been carefully selected to help guide designers into this field and immerse them in solid methods that will help you make this transition.

In BostonNovember 5–7— we will focus on the merging of technology and design. Merging these two in practice is no easy task. The lineup has been carefully crafted to be practical and actionable. When you return to work you will be armed with new tools, concepts and guiding principles that will change the way you approach your work and solve interactive design problems.

There is so much to learn, and so many opportunities to do so. I feel confident and excited that the unique blend of traditional design perspectives and modern UX and Interactive design methods at HIDC will help you grow and move forward as a designer. I genuinely hope to see you at one of these events as we guide designers into this exciting field.

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One thought on “Patrick McNeil on HIDC: A Fresh Look at UX Design

  1. Kevintumac

    The Users Experience is undoubtable one of the most important things that can be thought of when designing a Content Management System. Microsoft has made this easy with their cool to use Office products that integrate with each other. As the years go on MS products get better and leave other technology based system in the pass. Products like SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, SharePoint, Office 365 and other key products that integrate with the software giant are becoming more and more popular to consumers.
    One thing Microsoft has thought us all is that it is a leader in enterprise technology software. We’ve learned that at times products like these are restricted to limited areas. This makes it hard to customize towards a company’s overall need. With products that are designed to integrate with one another at an individual rate with no room to modify the software beings problems to a company. This means the company has to wait for updates, hotfixes, third-party software and even new versions of the product for change. The company is force to grow when the product grows. The User Experience decreases in time from a familiar interface to a less productive Content Management System.
    An alternative to SharePoint and other solutions sometimes just makes sense. This is why we’ve chosen Centralpoint by Oxcyon. As a professional with over 15 years with content management experience I feel comfortable saying, “Centralpoint beings change to the table.” A Content Management System that comes with 230 out the box modules, Open Source license, easy to use interface (Like MS Office), No cost per seat, and a Company like Oxcyon that customizes Centralpoint to work for your company.