Photojojo: E-Commerce Website with a Story to Tell

Photojojo website homepage

I am a huge fan of funky niche e-commerce websites like Photojojo. And with the new design for Photojojo, I simply can’t help but love it even more. Let’s just say it: The design is juicy. The colors pop off the site’s home page, the typography is whimsical and engaging, and the flow of the page is both fun and logical. But to my bigger point, the page tells a story. In particular, notice that the flow of the content creates an experience you can’t help but want to participate in. The copy plays along nicely creating a mood, setting the stage for what’s to come, and ultimately setting the hook. Read through to the bottom of the page and you have two eye-catching calls to action (note how they take you to two very different types of destinations). Most every SEO and landing page optimization guru out there is going to tell you over and over to have the call to action near the top. This page blows that idea up. In my opinion the end results are extremely engaging and just make me want more. Visit the page and let us know what your response is.

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