Postagon: Effectively Using Quote to Drive Design

The web community has grown accustomed to web-based software. The idea of doing work in the browser is no longer a hard sell. Instead, there are so many potential tools you could make a full-time job out of trying all of them out. screenshot
One such tool is Postagon. As most any site of the day I feature, there are numerous reasons to love the design of the site. And as usual, I am highlighting a rather mundane detail. In this case I am taken aback by the first bit of copy on the home page: it is a quote about the product. Granted, the quote is brilliant. It not only says what the product does, but it also adds a positive spin by connecting it with CSS Zen Garden. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, the quote is from someone extremely well-known in the community. The quote is powerful, so kudos to Postagon for recognizing its weight and using it front and center.

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