New at HOW U: Principles of Web Design

We’ve been working on something new here at HOW Interactive Design. After the HOW Interactive Conference in November and our recent DesignCasts, we realized that we really needed to develop some offerings for absolute web beginners. So I’ve been working with our own Patrick McNeil to develop a series of courses for HOW Design University.

What’s that, you say? HOW U is a new online learning platform, offering four- and eight-week design workshops in the areas of business management, in-house issues and web design. The interactive design workshops will be four-week classes held within the Blackboard education platform, taught by web design experts who will help answer your questions and offer feedback on exercises. 

The first offering is Principles of Web Design — the perfect starting place for print designers looking to move to the web. You’ll learn:

  • The language of the web
  • The technological basis of a website
  • How your design skills can transfer from print to web
  • The new developments in web design
  • And how to learn what you need to know next

And this course is just the first in a series designed to give you a solid knowledge base. Watch for these followup courses in early 2012:

  • Principles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Principles of User Experience
  • Principles of Information Architecture

The first session of Principles of Web Design starts Jan. 2, 2012, and you can already register here.