Making Responsive Banner Ads that Work

Responsive websites represent a considerable problem when it comes to advertising. But this easy-to-use responsive ad checking tool can help ease the pain. Matthew James Taylor, the guy who made the ad checking tool, also has a great step-by-step guide to creating responsive banner ads in HTML5 and CSS3.

Firstly, an ad is created as a responsive HTML5 page. We add any text, images, and links to the page that are required within the ad and style it with CSS. Secondly, the ad can be displayed on any website using an iframe. The only trick is making the iframe dimensions dynamic via CSS3 media queries … But basically that’s it!

And that reminds me—Kam Diba, the VP of digital marketing and media for GSN, is going to be presenting a session on building engaging digital advertising at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco. If you register by July for this October web design conference, and you’ll save big. Tell your boss!

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