2 Takes on the Responsive Design Process

responsive web design

This example of a fun responsive site comes from HOW Interactive Conference speaker Steve Fisher.

Two great posts have crossed our radar this week on responsive web design. First up, Matt Wilcox adapted a document from the agency he works for to be a responsive web design primer. He’s got good definitions of adaptive web design terms and shares his process for creating a responsive site: 

… this process requires the designer and developer to work together right from the start. Coding has major impact on the design and visa-versa, the two are no longer separable and must be tested together to inform the next stage.

His post pointed me over to Trent Walton‘s thoughts on re-envisioning web design:

… “squishy” was the unflattering term I initially used to describe responsive sites. For me, websites take on an increasingly familiar skeletal form as I mentally map content in proportion to specific areas. When working with clients that’s how we address content. Elements are sized & placed purposefully to create order. I was worried that fluid content would have no visual impact and spinelessly reflow, breaking the established hierarchy. However, I soon found that didn’t have to be the case. 

It’s interesting to me that he admits he wasn’t on the responsive bandwagon immediately. How about you? Were you (or are you) skeptical of responsive design? 

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