Sketchy: We Want to See Your Web Design Sketches!

I’ve wanted to feature before-and-after web design sketches on HOW Interactive Design ever since our conference in September. Christopher Butler suggested the idea in a conversation we had over lunch, and it’s been rolling around my head ever since.

So here’s the big idea: I would love to highlight a before-and-after project every week. (Kind of like our Sites of the Day, but with more backstory.) It could be your super-detailed wireframes for a big client job, or it could be a scribble on a napkin that turned into an awesome final product. 

If you want to show off your sketches (or reveal how far downhill your drawing skills have gone since art school), shoot me an e-mail at with a scan of your sketch and a link to the final website or app. I’ll pick a project each week that strikes my fancy, get in touch and write a little bit about the maker and the final product. Sound cool? Send in your stuff!