Senior Interactive Designer at Sevnthsin

Sevnthsin seeks a Senior Interactive Designer in Minneapolis:

Sevnthsin is a small digital creative agency specializing in forward-thinking solutions, specifically in the mobile/social realm, to help our clients engage their audience in new and exciting ways. We’re passionate about what we do, we go that extra mile, we don’t accept ‘good enough’ and we bring this fire to every aspect of our work.


  • You have not only a strong visual eye, but a passion for interactive.
  • You live and breath what’s happening on the internet. Web fonts are changing your life!
  • You can visually and verbally convey and explain even the most complicated of concepts.
  • You have a love of useful things and you think about design from a user focused standpoint.
  • You care about creating the best possible piece for both our clients and their users, even if it’s not going to win any industry awards.
  • You love to work in teams, but also are incredibly self directed.
  • You’re willing to go the distance. This doesn’t mean work crazy hours to get more done, it means committing yourself to bringing the best solution possible, because we’re all happier when we’re doing our best work.
  • You’re willing to grow, change and adapt as this world of interactive is always changing.
  • You want to beat the boss in NBA Jam… at least after letting him win the first few.

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