Design Job: Senior UX Design Lead, SharePoint at Microsoft

Microsoft is looking for a senior user experience design lead for its Share Point collaboration software in Redmond, WA:

The Microsoft Office Division (MOD) is looking for senior talent to help drive our efforts. Working in Office, you can help redefine the role of design in building productivity experiences. The SharePoint team is a highly successful business, but is ready to significantly revamp its user experiences to serve enterprise customers, as well as to serve a broader set of customers via Office 365. 

As part of team RED (research | experimentation | design) you’ll be side-by-side with the Office Labs and Envisioning team, as well as partnering with Planning as you define the experience direction for Office. And you’ll have the challenge of helping Office engineering to realize how great design-led thinking can lead to complete, polished experiences for our customers.

As a Senior Design Lead in Office, you’ll be responsible for helping to craft the SharePoint experiences for delivering products and services to customers. The challenge is about providing a cohesive and valuable set of productivity services. 

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One thought on “Design Job: Senior UX Design Lead, SharePoint at Microsoft

  1. Kevintumac

    The Users Experience is undoubtable one of the most important things that can be thought of when designing a Content Management System. Microsoft has made this easy with their cool to use Office products that integrate with each other. As the years go on MS products get better and leave other technology based system in the pass. Products like SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, SharePoint, Office 365 and other key products that integrate with the software giant are becoming more and more popular to consumers.
    One thing Microsoft has thought us all is that it is a leader in enterprise technology software. We’ve learned that at times products like these are restricted to limited areas. This makes it hard to customize towards a company’s overall need. With products that are designed to integrate with one another at an individual rate with no room to modify the software beings problems to a company. This means the company has to wait for updates, hotfixes, third-party software and even new versions of the product for change. The company is force to grow when the product grows. The User Experience decreases in time from a familiar interface to a less productive Content Management System.
    An alternative to SharePoint and other solutions sometimes just makes sense. This is why we’ve chosen Centralpoint by Oxcyon. As a professional with over 15 years with content management experience I feel comfortable saying, “Centralpoint beings change to the table.” A Content Management System that comes with 230 out the box modules, Open Source license, easy to use interface (Like MS Office), No cost per seat, and a Company like Oxcyon that customizes Centralpoint to work for your company.